Pastor Cheryl 1“Stop Being Afraid of the vision,”

 said the Prophet to me as I stood in front of the church at the altar in Merrill, WI almost 10 years ago. I was confused at first by his words. I thought I was fulfilling the vision God gave my husband in 1979 to move to Wisconsin and start a church. Yet, my spirit was grieved as his words pierced me deep inside my being. I could not get them off my mind all the way home. I lay awake for the longest time that night hearing those words over and over again,

                              “Stop Being Afraid of the Vision.”

The next day, I went into my living room, fell on my knees and asked the Lord what He meant by that. Almost instantly,  the Lord reminded me of the ladies in our church in Eagle River saying “Pastor Cheryl why don’t you have a Conference in our area?” We will help you! I pushed it aside many times because I was afraid to step out. Even though I speak a lot in our own church and in other states, I was afraid of failing.

Then I remembered the vision God gave me when I was a little girl, I saw myself standing before hundreds of people speaking to them. I remembered the tears streaming down my 10-year old face, saying, “Lord what would I have to say to all those people?” I felt like I didn’t know anything, let alone try to teach anyone else.

But now all these years later, I knew God was saying, “Cheryl it’s time to step out.” So I put aside my fears, knowing I had heard God and I called the ladies together and we began working on the first Women’s Steppin’ Out Conference in 2008.

My heart rejoiced greatly as I walked into the conference room for that first conference in Rhinelander, WI.  I saw that it was full of women from all walks of life. Some were hungry for the things of God. Many were hurting and wounded. Some came sick and broken-hearted. Some lost. I was amazed at the many different denominations that were present. I thank God at how He ministered to those women. The prayers lines were so long, God is so faithful. He did such an awesome work. His presence was evident.

God began a good work then and I believe with all my heart, we are to continue reaching out to women from all over. We are seeing God bring healing into the lives of women, restoration, deliverance, and so much more. I can’t do anything, I just show up and Jesus is faithful to do the work by His precious Holy Spirit.

Steppin’ Out Women’s Conference will be celebrating its ninth year of ministry to women in 2015. Over the past eight years, women have come from as far away as Alaska and Texas and states in-between to take part in this exciting conference. This year the conference will be held in Eagle River, WI at our home church, Abundant Life. We are excited to have added a new addition to the church and this year’s conference will be the first big event in the new building. Please come be blessed and Queen, take your throne!

Pastor Cheryl